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Ferdinando Patermo

Handcrafted Sicilian Coppola in Pure Wool - Green Color "Made in Italy Collection by Ferdinando Patermo"

Handcrafted Sicilian Coppola in Pure Wool - Green Color "Made in Italy Collection by Ferdinando Patermo"

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Description: The Artisan Sicilian Coppola in Pure Wool, created with passion and skill by Ferdinando Patermo, is a celebration of Sicilian tradition. Made entirely by hand, this flat cap is an authentic expression of style and culture.

Materials: Made with pure wool fabrics, the flat cap offers warmth and comfort, ideal for the cooler seasons. The choice of high-quality wool reflects Patermo's attention to fine materials and its commitment to creating long-lasting products.

Color: Green, carefully chosen, adds a touch of elegance and originality to the design. A versatile color that adapts to different occasions, giving the flat cap a distinctive character.

Artisanal Details: Every detail of the flat cap is made with artisanal precision. Traditional design blends harmoniously with modern touches, creating a unique balance between classic and contemporary. The result is a hat that goes beyond its practical function, becoming a wearable work of art.

Style and Identity: Wearing the Sicilian Coppola by Ferdinando Patermo means embracing Sicilian culture and style with pride. This item of clothing is not just a hat, but a symbol of authenticity and sophistication, bringing with it the history and craftsmanship of Sicily.

Artist's Note: "I make each hat with passion and dedication, trying to convey the vibrant soul of Sicily through every stitch and fold. The cap is not just an accessory, but a story of tradition and identity."

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Pure wool
  • Green colour
  • Style: Sicilian Coppola
  • Production: Artisan, completely by hand

Packaging: Each flat cap is carefully packaged in an elegant box, ready to be proudly worn or given as a gift.

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