Gift Hat Promotion - Ferdinando Patermo

Hat Gift Promotion

Buy both a female and male sheepskin and you will be able to receive a leather hat as a gift.

How does it work?

Put a sheepskin of your choice in the cart and then put the leather hat in the cart and you will see that the price will be reset

Leather hat

The zuccotto hat in black leather and elastic knit by Ferdinando Patermo is a unique creation that blends Sicilian tradition and contemporary style. Handcrafted from premium materials, this hat is a symbol of elegance and high-class craftsmanship.

Artisanal production

Modern Sicilian Design:
The design of the zuccotto hat is inspired by Sicilian traditions, reinterpreted in a modern key by Ferdinando Patermo. The combination of black leather and elastic mesh creates a fascinating and contemporary visual contrast.

Craft Details:
Every seam and finish of the hat is handmade with the utmost precision. Patermo's craftsmanship is evident in the details, ensuring a hat of the highest quality and style.

Precious materials

The high-quality black leather used for the hat offers a luxurious and durable surface. The elastic mesh is carefully chosen to ensure a comfortable and adaptable fit.

Unique Design

This hat is new, never worn, and is in excellent condition. Its quality craftsmanship and unique design make it an essential item for those looking for a distinctive style.

Patermo's zuccotto hat is a tribute to Sicilian elegance, enriched by the creativity and mastery of the designer. Add a touch of Sicilian class to your look with this extraordinary hat.

Condition of the Gift Hat

This hat is given as a gift with the purchase of both a female and male sheepskin.

Only after choosing the sheepskin you like and placing it in the cart is it possible to select the hat (Zuccotto) and put it in the cart and at this point it will be at no cost or free.