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Buying handmade is always worth it, for various reasons. We are biased, it's true, but by reading this article you will understand why we are right.

So why is it always better to buy a handmade artisan product? There are many factors to take into consideration.

The security of having in your hands a product of the highest quality, unique and inimitable from large industrial productions; product customization is another key factor, in fact it is always possible to practically tailor-made what our customers want; and last but not least the positive implications for the community and the local economy. But let's go in order.

Product uniqueness . An artisanal product is certainly a unique and inimitable product. The very high quality that distinguishes artisanal, hand-made productions, with the wisdom that comes from years and years of experience in the field, contact with customers and their requests and needs, can only generate uniqueness and value in the product. Unlike large industrial productions, which only aim to reduce production costs to the detriment of product quality, our artisanal products are superior. The attention to details and details, the exceptional finishes, refined and cared for in every aspect, the use of raw materials such as leather, fur and fine fabrics coming only from Italian districts of excellence such as Empoli and Milan. All these are factors that distinguish the productions of a craftsman like Ferdinando Patermo which has been creating exclusive, high-quality collections for men and women for over 40 years.

Tailored. An artisanal product is practically a product made to measure for the customer. The colour, the model, the customer's measurements, the fabric, the accessories, the finishes, the closure. Nothing is left to chance, every customer request is fulfilled by the expert hands of those who have been working hard to satisfy customer requests for over 40 years. An exclusive service that Ferdinando Patermo offers to his customers on the website is precisely called Made to Measure , where anyone can request an online quote for the creation of a product, an accessory, a particular size, everything according to their tastes and needs. The product created will then be conveniently shipped to your home. Easier than that.

The community. Deciding to purchase an artisanal product is also a thoughtful choice on the usefulness of a purchase that will generate benefits for the entire community. In fact, purchasing artisanal products means making an entire territory grow economically: the artisan is someone who lives, produces, works and makes people work in their own land. It is a form of economy that allows wealth not to go far away and into the hands of very few multinationals scattered around the world, but instead allows the circulation of money where the product is born.

In conclusion. We have had our say on why to prefer an artisanal product to an industrially manufactured one. Now it's your turn... what do you think? Have we convinced you? Let us know by writing a comment.

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